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Food and Beverage with SAP Business One

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“As a provider of food, we have to know exactly where our inventory comes from and where it ends up so that, if there is a need to recall a given product, we can do it easily, Thanks to ProcessForce we now have full control of our production processes, we know exactly what are the costs of production and can easily monitor batches of both finished and raw materials.” says Maciej Pieprzyk, Project Manager, SPA Foods.

Food and Beverage

Rising raw material costs, extended supply chains and increasing regulatory controls, put ever increasing demands on food and beverage manufacturers. There’s a need to integrate the business, manage costs and effectively manage time and resources.

Industry Challenges

  • Increased consumer demand
  • Higher food prices
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Tougher regulations
  • Extended supply chains
  • Operational costs
  • Product margins
  • Carbon footprint reductions

ProcessForce Solutions

  • Ingredients and Allergens
  • Nutrients and Product Labelling
  • CoProduct, Scrap and Yield
  • Recipe Management and Costing
  • Quality Control and Complaints
  • Production Control and Scheduling
  • Expiry Date and Shelf Life
  • Batch Traceability

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Best of Both Worlds

SAP Business One, a solution implemented in more than 34,000 small and medium sized enterprises across the globe includes all the business processes required to run an entire operation.

A powerful solution, simple to use and affordable. Providing complete business management functions covering financials, sales, purchases, inventory, and operations.

But, as a food and beverage manufacturer, depending on the level of business complexity driven by customers, product, industry and regulatory compliance, an additional solution is often required to cover your specific industry needs.

ProcessForce, a SAP Certified Industry Solution, leverages the proven business processess of SAP Business One to provide value based solutions, which support the day to day business operations and issues that are unique to the industry and enable those businesss to become a better run food and beverage manufacturer.

For more information on how SAP Business One can help your business to improve efficiencies and accelerate growth, contact BeOne Solution.

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    SAP Business One has easy to use reporting and dashboard tools built in so it s easy for you to keep your finger on the pulse of the business, quickly identifying trends and making better decisions.

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