PT. BO Solusi - BeOne Solution is an IT company with an integrated SAP background with an app system built for your company's needs.

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Beone Construction Solution provides powerful analysis tools that help you to ascertain profitability of your projects

Beone Construction Solution is an integrated solution that handle the entire workflow of your business : from proposal management and quotation to project planning with different planning versions along with the monitoring of activity for project and budget for material, labor, expenses, and other expenses to keep your project profitability as planned.

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What do SAP solutions help Construction Business?


Bid-to-Contract Award:

Become more agile and competitive and win more profitable projects with virtual collaboration software and real-time multidimensional and project estimate data.

  • Opportunity and Proposal Management: Enhance the efficiency of the bid management process with robust collaboration tools; deliver more timely, competitive, and profitable bids by leveraging unified data across departments; and mitigate risk by basing your estimates on real costs and margins.
  • Collaborative Virtual Design and Construction: Enable more accurate procurement through more precise estimating capabilities by leveraging integrated computer-aided design technology with project estimation tools.
Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Keep projects on track and within budget. Maximize productivity and profitability with comprehensive functionality to manage material, labor, equipment, and tools.

  • Project Management: Leverage integrated business and project systems to manage project financials and change management in one project-centric model.
  • Project Issue and Change Management: Track and manage project issues, and anticipate and adjust variables to limit impact to schedule and cost.
  • Subcontractor Management: Improve subcontractor contract execution over long-term projects by handling partial invoices from subcontractors in one payment chain.

Revenue Optimization and Project Profitability

Streamline tasks and project-related documents by connecting and empowering people with integrated information, documents, and business processes.

  • Invoice to Cash: Maintain healthy, stable financials and ensure a strong project cash position with close management of the entire cash collection process – from invoice to payment.
  • Subcontractor, Owner, Engineer, and Architect Collaboration: Reduce unexpected project cost overruns by accelerating communication across project teams, while improving insight into changes and reducing execution errors.
  • Performance Analytics for Projects and Portfolios: Manage financial and operational performance to deliver accurate insight into costing for improved financial planning and forecasting.

Asset Management

Get real-time visibility into asset performance, manage the asset lifecycle efficiently, optimize asset usage, and cut costs by leveraging powerful analytics.

  • Commercial: Develop holistic asset planning, building, and commissioning through integrated portfolio management, project management, and asset information management.
  • Optimized Asset Maintenance and Facility Operations: Increase uptime, narrow process variability, control maintenance costs, react faster to process disruption, and satisfy customers more consistently by gaining greater visibility into asset operations and performance.
  • Equipment and Tools Management: Drive holistic asset operations and maintenance by integrating, automating, and unifying all maintenance-related data, processes, and reporting
SAP Construction


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Real-time project activity and budget monitoring

Structured WBS to help project manager supervise project activity

Better cost control as all activity is in one single system

Revenue recognition automation for project is in your fingertips

Integration with engineer application

Time and cost monitoring dashboard

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